4 reasons why landscape design services are wasted money

Homeowners are often reluctant to convert plots of land into garden beds. People dream of cozy and at the same time spectacular courtyards, for which they turn to landscape designers. But this is nothing more than a waste of money.


Unfortunately, there are not so many professionals who are able to generate original ideas (and the cost of their services is off the charts).

Most designers are superficially familiar with the latest trends and, on their basis, churn out the same type of projects in which there is neither soulfulness nor comfort.

With the same success, you yourself can find suitable options on the Internet and copy the one you like (or combine several). Yes, it will be the same template design. But you do not have to pay large sums for the project.

Fit new

Even the most interesting and modern design gets boring over time. At some point, you will want to place something new in the yard: a gazebo, a fountain, a playground, etc. It will be extremely difficult to fit an additional object into the finished composition.

As a result, you will either have to put up with the imbalance, or pay again to redo the project. It turns out that you are dependent on the designer. Much easier to modernize the yard, which is the product of your own imagination.

Small plants

Rarely do designers use mature plants and mostly work with young seedlings. Thus, you do not get a completed landscape, but only a rough draft. You have no idea how cute bushes and trees will look after a couple of years. Perhaps instead of a cozy ornamental garden, you will get unremarkable chaotic thickets.

It turns out that you are paying for a pig in a poke, which in the end is very likely to be a dummy.

Of course, with self-planting, the result is also unpredictable. But at least you won’t be offended for the money spent.

No sense of satisfaction

If a specialist will carry out the design of the local area for you, he may not take into account all your wishes and your vision. He will probably make a great project, which is important, but not enough to create a cozy atmosphere.

The best design is the one that was born in your head. It may seem strange, old-fashioned, lurid or modest to someone, but this is a reflection of your soul and character.

Only in such an environment will you feel moral satisfaction and peace of mind.

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